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Absolute Surrender

As the children of Israel followed God's cloud in the wilderness, so we must follow God. This brings Him glory. As God's creation displays God's glory, so we must showcase God's glory by surrendering our own will for God's plan. Download
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K-048 One Thing You Lack

Katz here expounds upon and builds his message upon the story of the rich man's confrontation with Jesus. "Alot of us are in a much lesser place with God, because we have not understood the totality, the radical demand, the utterness of the whole commitme Download
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(1 Peter - Part 17): Seeing Ye Have Purified Your Souls

'œSeeing Ye Have Purified Your Souls' is part 17 of Pastor A. W. Tozers delightful, 34-part series based upon 1 Peter. The message was preached in Chicago, Illinois on January 17, 1954. Pastor Tozer notes that 1 Peter 1:22 is perfect for a sermon, as it Download
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2012 A Year To Consider Jesus

As you begin the new year, will you stop and consider how deep and how far you are willing to go with Jesus? Consider Jesus and go outside the boundaries of a scornful world, lay aside every weight and dont allow your struggles to dominate your focus. We Download
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I Know What Your Calling Is

November 13, 2011 '“ There is a special season in history when God begins to call His church to stand in the gap between the living and the dead. He calls us to stand between the sinfulness of society and the life of a merciful savior. God is looking for Download
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The Power of Gentle Hands

God wants his people drawn close to his heart so he can share it with them. He longs to raise us up and carry us to his bosom to reveal his heart to us. Sometimes people are so used to a heavy, hurtful hand, they have a difficult time trusting God. We hav Download
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A body for the Holy Spirit

Erlo Stegen exhorts us to live a life worthy of the gospel of Jesus christ. He specifically shows how God commands us to present our actual bodies on this earth to God for His service. So that the good and acceptable and perfect will of God can be complet Download
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A Godly Example

This message is a exhortation to live a godly life and be a example to this generation of youth that are living in sin and a slave to lust. This is a engagement service where Erlo Stegen warns and exhorts the couple to stay pure and holy before God sexual Download
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Behold, your King comes to you

It is a pity when people are blunt towards the things of heaven. The natural man cannot fathom or understand the things of heaven. The things of the earth are very dear and close to them, but the things of heaven are dim. This should not be the case. The Download