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Christian Character

Christian Character
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The Aroma Of Christ

Is there a fragrance of Christ about you that others find attractive? Or do you exhibit an attitude that others find offensive? This convicting message compares the spirit of Christ with the spirit that is prevalent in many Christians today. Open (311) Download
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Marks of True and False Religion

This message examines several issues in James 1 that set apart true religion from false. This includes joy in trials, unwavering faith, singleness of mind, enduring temptation, and purity of heart. Open (437) Download
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Friends and Foes in David's Life

David trusted God with his dreams and visions and faithfully served unnoticed. God then moved him on and put him in the right place at the right time, without any initiative of his own. He killed a giant by his vibrant faith in God, and so can you! Open (296) Download
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By Faith Possess Virtue, Knowledge, and Temperance

Are you a real soldier of Jesus Christ? This is a very clear teaching on what a true soldier's character is like. This message is of absolute importance for every true Christian. Open (402) Download
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By Faith Possess Patience, Godliness, and Love

This sermon has much practical application for the believer in Jesus Christ. If you are not experiencing the Christian life like you know should be available for you, this message is the answer for you. Open (163) Download