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Christian Life

Christian Life
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Negative Or Positive Attitudes?

Many people have negative thought patterns that have been engrained in their mind over many years. This is the opposite of believing that God is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Exhorts the believer to faith-filled thinking. Open (307) Download
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God Will Be Your God Always

God is in control of our circumstances. He cares about us and will not allow us to be tested beyond what we are able to bear. Living a life of faith is not necessarily easy but it allows God to demonstrate His power through us. Open (357) Download
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The Sermon On The Mount

This tape is basically the same message as #2183. Open (258) Download
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The Race

The Christian life is like a race. The patriarchs and others who have gone before us sit in the grandstands, encouraging us by their godly lives to press on and not give up. Even if we stumble and fall, we can win if we rise again and keep on going. Open (266) Download
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Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

The Christian life is not about what we do, but what Jesus has already done, and we just enter into it. This sermon outlines some distractions from keeping our eyes on Jesus. Our walk with God flows out of our resting in Him. Open (178) Download
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A Perfect Theology With a Confusing Reality

The believer's life is a strange one. Either it is a matchless riddle that no worldling can understand, or a painful reality of failures in our daily walk. God desires for us to live a life of continual renewal and daily victory. Open (364) Download
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There Is a Time for Every Purpose

Good things done at the wrong time will not turn out right. God calls us to be sensitive to Him and know His timing. Are we in tune with what He is asking us to do today, whether it be joyous or difficult? He will make everything beautiful in His time. Open (411) Download