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Home & Family

Home & Family
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A Godly Heritage

Sunday eve, 03-11-1990 Open (265) Download
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The Rod Of Discipline

Tuesday eve, 03-13-1990 Open (451) Download
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Where Are The Men?

An exhortation for men to walk with their God and stand in the gap in providing spiritual direction and guidance in their homes and communities. Open (339) Download
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Influences On Our Children

This message was given at the 1990 Charity Home School Association meeting. It discusses influences that are placed on our children both from inside the home and outside the home. Open (362) Download
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The Value Of A Child

Denny looks at the high value that God places on children. In this age we live in do we truly believe that children are a heritage and a gift from the Lord? Deals specifically with the size of our families. Open (271) Download
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Turning The Hearts Of The Fathers To The Children

The prophecy of Malachi 4:6 is the outline for turning our homes around. First the father's heart is turned to the children, then the children's hearts are turned to their fathers. Denny looks at what it means to turn our hearts to our children. Open (283) Download
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Consecrating Our Children To God

Many people dedicate or consecrate their children to God upon their birth. But what does it mean to really consecrate our children to God? Consecration lasts more than a few moments in a ceremony, it is a lifelong commitment. Open (441) Download
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Blessings, The Key To Obedience

Too often families latch onto the teaching on the rod of discipline in the Godly Home Set without the love necessary to bring about the peaceable fruit of righteousness. This message unlocks the key to obedience--blessing our children. Open (425) Download
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Wisdom From A King

This is a duplicate of Index #1119 Open (312) Download
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Changing The Heart Of A Rebel

Do you have a rebel in your home? Do you have the makings of a future rebel in your home? This message very clearly details how to win the heart of a rebel and also how to keep from developing rebels in the home. This is a life changing message. Open (349) Download
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Raising Up Godly Seed

Beginning with building a relationship with our children to guiding them through life until they get married, Bro. Denny gives many helpful points and clear direction in helping to raise godly families. Open (278) Download
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Wives, Reverence Your Husbands

A woman can be a great influence on her husband, in either a positive or a negative way. This message examines the role of a wife from a well-balanced, biblical viewpoint. Open (410) Download
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The Holy Art Of Spanking Our Children

This is an excellent message on the proper use of the rod in child discipline. While it gives practical teaching on the right methods of spanking, it also clearly shows the purpose of discipline, which deals with the spirit and soul of the child. Open (817) Download
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How Do I Prepare? (Part 1)

Putting action into our vision. Bro. Denny stresses the importance of being under authority and of moral purity before marriage. Open (256) Download
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Father Is a Priest

Men are responsible for the spiritual leadership in their homes. They need to train them to walk in God's ways, and offer them to Him for His service. The children will reap the blessings of the land that their parents have conquered. Open (312) Download
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Father Is an Elder

Every father should be the pastor of his home. God uses the home as a training ground for ministry in the church. This messaged details many of the functions of ministry which should be taking place in the home. Open (336) Download
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Father Is a Gentle Man

Many men today lack gentleness. They think they must prove their manliness by being tough or macho. This message shows from the Scripture that men need to be gentle leaders of their families. A child's view of God is shaped by his view of his father. Open (297) Download
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The Leader and His Youth

Direction is given on how a father should guide and direct the young people in the home. Practical examples are given on communicating and discipling the youth in the home. Open (203) Download
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The Leader and His Home

Practical teaching and applications for fathers and husbands on how to raise a family for God. Topics covered include exhibiting humility, discipling our children, husband/wife communications and preparation for leadership. Open (391) Download
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The Leader and His Wife

Practical applications and direction for husbands on cultivating a spirit-filled marriage. Issues covered include humility, communication, moral purity, forgiveness and repentance. Open (413) Download
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Inter-Family Relationships

Strife! Is this terrible sin a part of our lives? How is it in our homes? Learn from examples taken from the Bible. Only as we look at strife as the Bible defines it can we have victory. Includes a list of do's and don'ts for our homes. Open (182) Download
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The Defeated Father

This message is taken from the life of David and other fathers. Are you defeated? If so, why? You will be encouraged to take a look at the root causes of defeat and how to walk in victory. Open (468) Download
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More Than Obed-Edom

What makes a strong family? Brother Rick covers some major points necessary to having a home where God can abide. A home where there is revival, a home that is blessed beyond the home of Obed-edom, a home that is a little bit of Heaven on earth. Open (330) Download