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Home & Family
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A Godly Heritage

Sunday eve, 03-11-1990 Download
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The Rod Of Discipline

Tuesday eve, 03-13-1990 Download
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Where Are The Men?

An exhortation for men to walk with their God and stand in the gap in providing spiritual direction and guidance in their homes and communities. Download
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Influences On Our Children

This message was given at the 1990 Charity Home School Association meeting. It discusses influences that are placed on our children both from inside the home and outside the home. Download
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The Value Of A Child

Denny looks at the high value that God places on children. In this age we live in do we truly believe that children are a heritage and a gift from the Lord? Deals specifically with the size of our families. Download
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Turning The Hearts Of The Fathers To The Children

The prophecy of Malachi 4:6 is the outline for turning our homes around. First the father's heart is turned to the children, then the children's hearts are turned to their fathers. Denny looks at what it means to turn our hearts to our children. Download
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Consecrating Our Children To God

Many people dedicate or consecrate their children to God upon their birth. But what does it mean to really consecrate our children to God? Consecration lasts more than a few moments in a ceremony, it is a lifelong commitment. Download
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Blessings, The Key To Obedience

Too often families latch onto the teaching on the rod of discipline in the Godly Home Set without the love necessary to bring about the peaceable fruit of righteousness. This message unlocks the key to obedience--blessing our children. Download