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The Epistle Of James

This tape is basically the same message as #2469. Open (303) Download
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The Resurrection and the Last Day

This message takes a look at the Resurrection in the Old and New Testaments. It touches on eschatology, but is more about the importance of what the Christian believes about the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Open (170) Download
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Love in Action

This message exposes partiality for what it is, and clearly portrays the dynamic relationship between faith and works. Works flow from a heart of faith and love! Is your faith working? Open (405) Download
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A Few Practical Tests of Faith

This message gives a glimpse at a few practical truths from James: including faith, riches, the brevity of life, waiting for Christ's return, living openly and honestly, and the prayer of faith. Open (519) Download
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Moses Before Pharaoh

What is in my hand today? This message discusses how God began to reveal Himself through His prepared servant, finally proving Himself to be the most high God as He touched Egypt with judgment supported by mercy. Open (343) Download
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The Great Deliverance

Tested, tried and proven, Moses stands unflinching against the compromise suggested by Pharaoh, institutes the Passover, and finally leads the congregation of Israel out of Egypt, across the desert and on toward the Promised Land. Open (368) Download
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Jacob and Esau

This message is an overview of Jacob and Esau, and what their lives amounted to. You will be challenged with the question, Open (323) Download
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Simple Steps to Study the Bible Deeply

Brother Emanuel gives some practical thoughts on studying the Bible. He then leads an interactive Bible Study on Matthew 7:1-5. The congregation is involved in the observation, interpretation, cross referencing, and practical application of the passage. Open (206) Download
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The Road of Rightousness

An introduction to the book of Romans. It is a personal letter from God to us. Every Christian should be thoroughly familiar with Romans and experience what it has to say. Romans helps us to understand the Gospel and the reality of it. Open (252) Download
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The Power Is Unleashed

Paul said he was a debtor to all men. He was not ashamed of the Gospel Open (229) Download