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Fallen From Grace

Can a Christian fall from the grace of God? Paul was concerned that the Galatian Christians were close to this state. This message explains the balance between unconditional eternal security and the conditions placed upon man concerning his salvation. Download
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Blood Atonement

Who is God? A proper understanding of God's nature and character is essential in understanding the need for the blood atonement. Jesus is our propitiation. His death atoned for our sins. Nothing else will do. Download
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The Reality of Angels

This message distinguishes the two classes of angels, and outlines the existence, nature, and ministry of the ones who chose to retain their original state before God. They are employed by God to do only His will. Download
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On to Conditional Security

Unconditional or conditional security. What does the Bible really say about the possibility of a Christian walking away from God? This message is an honest look at this issue using scriptures in context. Download
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Exposition of Romans 9

This message undertakes to share about election, and the mystery and majesty of God's sovereignty. Faith simply believes these concepts, although not fully understanding them, while unbelief holds them at arms length. Download
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A Call to Apostolicity

Point by point, Art examines the distinctives of apostolic reality, so painfully absent from the Churchs consideration, but needs once again to be restored, namely, an apprehension of spiritual reality as God sees it and knows it. Download
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Grace and the Election of Israel - Part 1

Israel is elected to be the covenantal people of God, not based on their qualification, but on God's freedom as God to choose. A probing study of the Mystery of Israel. Download
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K-139 Endtime Overview

An excellent one-message overview that touches many of the great themes of the faith and that culminates in the Lords return and establishment of His Kingdom through a restored Israel. The time of Jacobs trouble. Download
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K-478 Heart Circumcision

Art gets right to the issue of our self-life and Gods provision for the ending of its sap and vitality. A 1973 message. Download