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Are You A Soulwinner?

He that wins souls is wise. Challenging someone concerning their lost condition. Download
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How to Win a Soul

Five things you must know to become a christian. God uses our confrontation with his convicting power. Download
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Drawing The Net

Asking all the right questions once they're receptive. The sinners prayer. Our discernment. Download
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Attitudes That Defeat Us In Soulwinning

Do we have reasons of excuses for not soul winning. Why the excuses won't hold weight with God. Download
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The Effective Use of Questions

Opening the door to conversation. The nuts and bolts of going forth. Download
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Ten Shekels And A Shirt

This message was preached only once by the late Paris Reidhead. It details the real motivation behind world missions. Deals directly with Download
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Having Our Feet Shod With the Gospel of Peace

The soldier's shoes are an offensive tool, enabling him to move into battle. This is a vital part of our role as Christians. If we do not actively reach out and spread God's peace, we will slowly die off in our Christian experience. Download
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The Nature of the Call

Describes the call of God on the life of every believer to Download
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The Lostness of the Heathen

Do you believe that the person or people groups who have never heard the Gospel are really lost? Or are you unsure about what you believe? Brother Emanuel addresses this question with many Scripture references. Download
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The Ministry of Reconciliation

Jesus commands us in Matthew 28:19 to go and teach all nations. Do we consider disobeying this command to be a sin? What about my next door neighbor? Download