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Mission Work

Mission Work
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Love With Shoes On

Do we really love God? What about when the test comes on? Darrell gives examples from his own life and family and how God asked the question of him, Download
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The Radical Example of Moravian Missions

This message provides a stimulating examination of Moravian missions' early history. It challenges us to consider their missions theology and the effect it had on their daily lives. Will we allow God to grip our hearts with the vision that gripped theirs? Download
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An Inspirational History of the Mission

This message is a history of Charity African Missions. Learn how it began, how we have learned from mistakes and what God has done and is doing. Download
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Mapping the Progress: Needs of the North

An outline of where the stations are in the Northern Region of Ghana, what God is doing, and what He is still longing to do all across the world. Download