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The Four Warnings Of God

This tape is basically the same message as #2783. Open (479) Download
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The Mightiest Weapon God Can Have At His Disposal

This tape is basically the same message as #2178. Open (449) Download
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When God Will Shut the Door

It is not a popular thought, but one day God will shut the door of salvation. He is longsuffering, but He will not allow sin to enter heaven. This is an earnest appeal to not reject God's merciful offer of salvation. Open (989) Download
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Failure Because of Compromise

You will be challenged to examine your life. Compromise WILL lead to failure. Brother Emanuel looks at the book of Judges as a springboard for this serious challenge. Open (395) Download
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They Would Not

The closing message of a weekend of revival meetings. The question was, Open (424) Download
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A Living Challenge for a Dying Church

The church is a body very near to the heart of God. God has a message for His people today. The enemy comes as an angel of light. Will we be watchful and listening, or will we allow the cares of life and the prosperity of today to lure us to sleep? Open (270) Download
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Warning Every Man

Warnings are a necessary part of life. Many times a warning has saved someone from death or serious harm. This message takes a look at many of the warnings given by the Apostle Paul. Are we, like Paul, warning those around us who are in danger? Open (182) Download
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Last Days Warnings to the Church

We must be about God's business. Be careful not to be deceived as false prophets will arise. Love the truth and search the scriptures. Try the spirits; be discerning. Not all who say Lord, Lord will enter in. Open (307) Download
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K-465 Israel and God's Judgments

Speaking from Isaiah, Art shows how Gods necessary and painful dealing with His nation, Israel, should affect every aspect of church life and conduct. A 1998 message. Open (251) Download
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Choices, Deeds & Consequences

Dr. Tozer says that considering your ways (your moral ways, that is) is the most important thing that anyone can consider. It is important because everything a person does today -- no matter how slight -- will have consequences tomorrow. God emphasizes th Open (247) Download
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Beware Of The Wisdom Of Men

(preached: Oct. 5, 2003) Open (208) Download
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Getting Through Dark Days

October 5, 2008 - It is imperative that everyone who belongs to the true Church of Jesus Christ learn the voice of God. In these last days demonic voices will arise to deceive us and lead us into captivity. How can we know when God is speaking to us? Firs Open (239) Download