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Another Jesus

Pastor Conlon goes through many other scriptures in this stirring message about the Jesus of the Bible, and man's preconceived notion of Jesus, based on men's theology and doctrines. The primary concern of the LOrd is that he get hold of your life and for Download
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Easter Morning

March 27, 2005 - A final shaking is coming to the world when sin will have brought such a weight into the very universe that God created. By virtue of the nature of God He will be compelled to fold up the universe as it is today and he will re '“create a Download
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When Sin And Religion Become Friends

October 17, 2010 - There is no deeper darkness than when sin and religion become friends. When we sit under the true preaching of God's Word and then embrace a lie, sin and religion become friends. It is that inner struggle that we all have to face from t Download
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Modern American Christianity

LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE! It brings eternity and the true faith of Christ into our view. A very pointed sermon that cuts through the overlay of false profession in the Church. Paul Washer humbly yet with boldness speaks forth as the Oracles of God to a crow Download