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Trusting Choices

We all make choices based on various facts, but do those facts come from trustworthy sources? Many difficult choices become simple acts of obedience when we put our trust in God and His Word. Let us seek His kingdom first! Download
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Definition of Faith

What is faith? True faith involves trusting God for who He is Download
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God's Estimate of Faith

Our faith is estimated very highly by God. He says that without it we cannot please Him. Our faith cannot be separated from its object. We must look to Christ, as in the account of the snake on the pole. Download
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Righteousness by Faith

Faith is the main theme of this message. Faith is not a mode of feeling but rather a mode of thinking and action. The speaker differentiates between active faith and a passive and superficial faith. Download
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Get Into the Wheelbarrow

Do you have a faith that needs strengthening? In this message, Bro. Ron encourages us to firmly put our trust in Jesus Christ, who is able and willing to do great and mighty things even in the midst of seemingly impossible circumstances. Download
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Beginning Of The End

Redpath preaching to students at Prairie Bible Institute and looks at the 6th chapter of Mark's gospel, specifically at the miricale of the feeding of the 5000. He shows how we try to do so much in our own strength, rather than being totally dependant on Download