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Christian Disciplines

Christian Disciplines
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A Season Alone With God

Often Christ would draw away from the presence of men to be alone with God. The idea of a season of time to spend solely in the presence of God is presented. Practical suggestions for what the time would include are given. Download
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Christian Maturity

The Bible word for maturity is Download
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The Challenge of Every Christian - Part 6

his is a wonderful message with three main points. 1. The Holy Spirit conveys a new nature to the Christian. The Holy Spirit within the Christian can not sin. 2. The old nature remains and continues on in the regenerate heart and all that it wants to do i Download
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Fast for Prayer in the Square Day 1

September 1, 2009 - We are living in a church age where there is so much knowledge and teaching about Jesus. We can turn on the radio, we can quote and memorize scripture but still remain powerless to touch this generation. Why is the church powerless, an Download