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9-11 Tragedy

Art tries to answer some of the issues and questions raised by the Sept. 11th, 2001 national tragedy. Download
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The God who Devastates

Art Katz speaks prophetically using the holocaust and the sufferings of Job applying it to the Church and the need of repentance. If Divine reality is to come into the church in its present unreal condition, then we need to expect devastations in our mids Download
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This kind cometh not out

From Mark chapter 9, an exposition that begins with the Mount of Transfiguration and ends with the demon-possessed boy, but seen as an instructive parable of the Last Days. Reveals the critical factor in Israel's own deliverance. Download
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From Captive to Captain

March 23, 2008 - When we begin to pray for those who are lost God will sometimes answer by sending a storm into their lives. During this storm our friends and family who have in past times rejected us will come to us for help in their time of need. God wi Download
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Help, I'm Stuck

May 4, 2008 - When we violate the laws of God sin will become a weight so heavy that we will find ourselves stuck on the ground. There is something in the heart of God that yearns for you. God will begin to stretch forth His hand and lift us out of imposs Download
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Pouring Oil On Your Pillow

Gen. 28 For believers who are in a dark and difficult place in their life, this is often where they receive the greatest revelation of who God is. For how can he show his children his ability to deliver them if they never have need of deliverance? God is Download