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Questions and Answers on Courtship

This message is a collection of several question and answer sessions in which Brother Rick attempted to answer many of the specific questions that we have concerning courtship. Download
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How to Cultivate the Holy Spirits Presence

Our relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit can grow and must be cultivated just as any other relationship we have may grow and must be cultivated. Download
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Do Not Fear To Take Mary

If you want to get engaged it is good that you pray about it. Easy to make a wrong decision when you go by your will and not Gods, what you like, what looks good etc. Better to look at qualities in a girl than outside appearance. Men, pray to the Lord, do Download
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God´s Marriage Proposal

This is a marvelous word! This is God Himself speaking to people who continually trouble Him. They've broken their covenant with God time and again. They turned aside from God Who brought them out of Egypt with an outstretched hand and great power. Time a Download