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Brokenness is an essential part of the Christian life. This profound message shows how God uses difficulties to humble us, break us, and make us usable. Download
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A Safe Place to Be

Sometimes God brings His children to a low place. But to be low in God's hand is a safe place to be. We often find David crying out to the Lord from the valley, but it is also there that God met with him. Download
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The Blessed State of Humility

The greatest joy and peace is attained by going down. Humility is the beauty of being nothing so that God can be all in all, and is man's response to His redeeming love. Humility is also an attribute of God that Jesus walked out when He was on this earth. Download
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Costly Submission

How we relate to any form of authority is the greatest opportunity to demonstrate the grace and knowledge of God, and is the very sanctifying provision of God itself. Download