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Old Time Religion

A holy life The simple Gospel Download
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The Epistle To The Romans

This tape is basically the same message as #2616. Download
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The Possibilities of Saving Grace

God is able to save the man of Gadara that had many demons, Paul the Pharisee, the drunkard, the harlot, and the drug addict. What can God do for YOU? Let your faith be strengthened for the things that you are asking God to do for you. Download
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Isaiah 35

A close and careful examination of this text reveals Gods employment of another '˜agent, namely, the church, as being the instrument in Israels deliverance and salvation in the mystery of God at the end of this age. Download
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Israel 1948 What was God doing

God's establishment of present day Israel needs to be understood in the purposes of God. An 'on the spot' speaking, calling the audience to a place of realism. Download
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Israel, the Death of a Nation

Present-day Israel is not scheduled to succeed, but to die. It is not a pleasant scenario, but the end thereof is glory. Another expression of this theme that touches the issue of '˜places of refuge. Download
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Building Up My Brother's House

(preached: Dec. 12, 2002) Download