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The Scandal of Specificity

The world hates a God who is specific about the things He chooses, for example, the nation Israel (the least of all peoples), Zion (a tiny hill - not a mountain), a stable (the birthplace of Messiah) and Calvary (a garbage dump) for the greatest revelatio Download
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2006 Heart-Cry - Question Answer Panel

A time of Question and Answer at the Heart-Cry conference run by Paul Washer. Some good questions given and some good biblical answers delivered. It is worthwhile to listen in to some of these godly men answering from their years of experience. Download
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Question and Answer Session

In this brief question and answer session, Paul Washer answers these 3 questions: 1. What does it mean to be "in the world, but not of the world"? 2. What does it mean to live in the fear of the Lord? 3. How can you discover what God wants you to do with Download
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“Too intense?” “Radical?”

The other day I was listening to The Way Of The Master Radio show when Todd Friel was interviewing the soft spoken Paul Washer from HeartCry Missionary Society. He played a clip demonstrating the passion this preacher preached with. The clip convicted me Download