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True Preparation for Christmas

John the Baptist spoke with authority about repentance. Before and after Jesus there were none who spoke about repentance as John the Baptist. From the sophisticated to the lowest people in society were deeply touched by his preaching. They all came into Download
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Our Ambition is to Please Him

Every person has passion. Even the man sitting in an easy chair has an ambition to not be ambitious. We're so busy with so many pursuits that we shouldn't follow. Some of those ambitions will destroy us if they aren't right ambitions. For what ambition we Download
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Regeneration & Self-Denial

Paul Washer explains how self-denial is more than a wearisome relinquishing of worldliness. Speaking with great passion, he shows how self-denial is a work of God that makes surrender a joy and delight. This message penetrates with prophetic urgency the n Download