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The Preaching of the Cross

March 9, 2008 - Redemption is not something to make us feel good. We are called to walk with Christ and share in His compassion for the lost. People cannot embrace the fullness of the Cross because they are not attracted to the selfless life it leads us i Download
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The Shepherd Song

September 28, 2008 - There is a great revelation of God coming to this generation. This revelation will not be given to the self indulgent and the self seeking. It will be given to the humble person who desires to live their life for the betterment of oth Download
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The Watchtower in the Wilderness

The account of Jehosophat in 2 Chronicles 20 is skillfully used to encourage the listener who is in a battle with the enemy and in fear. A hopeful message on the power of God to remove those doubts and fears and to see a defeated enemy. Download
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When the Glory of God Passes By

The most tragic of all things is to be unaware that the Glory Of God is passing us by. When the pursuit of the people of God does not differ from the pursuits of a perishing society around us God will withdraw His presence from us. When we are motivated b Download
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A Warning To American Christianity

Keith Daniel gives a solemn warning to the Church of Jesus Christ in America, that we must pray before its too late. The church should not use wordly methods to win the world it will not work! The main thrust of the sermon is preached from Ephesians 6:10- Download
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Ravenhill Rebukes Pastors

In this recording Leonard Ravenhill is addressing an audience of 100-200 pastors at a conference. 2 of the pastors start to laugh part way through his sermon and this clip is ravenhill stopping the meeting and addressing those men. What a sobering judgeme Download