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Attributes of God

Attributes of God
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Attributes of God (Series 2): The Infinite Wisdom of God

God knows what He is doing. No matter how it looks to us, God always acts with perfect wisdom. He knows better than we do how best our lives should be lived. Only by turning control of our lives over to Him can we benefit from that perfect wisdom. Download
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Attributes of God (Series 2): The Love of God

God desires our everlasting welfare and has the power to secure it. Because of this, we have no need to fear suffering or harm. God takes pleasure in his creation. He loves us and desires that we freely love Him in return. Download
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Attributes of God (Series 2): The Omnipotence of God

God has all the power. His power is inexhaustible. His power cannot be used up. His power is delegated to His creations, but never relinquished. Download
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Attributes of God (Series 2): The Omnipresence of God

God is everywhere. Everything in the universe originated in spirit, flows out of spirit, in essence is spiritual, and is inhabited by the Spirit. His personal presence is everywhere real and perceptible to those who seek Him. Download
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Attributes of God (Series 2): The Omniscience of God

God cannot learn. He knows everything there is to know. He knows instantly and effortlessly everything we have ever said, done, or thought. There are no deep dark secrets that we can hide from Him. He knows that very thing of which we are most ashamed. So Download
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Attributes of God (Series 2): The Self-Existence of God

We were created, God was not. Only by faith and love can we catch a glimpse of the true meaning of that. We can never know what it is like to exist by the very nature of our selves. We are completely dependent on the continuing creative impulse of God. Download
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Attributes of God (Series 2): The Sovereignty of God

God is in control. He is free to do whatever He wills at any time. Yet God does not force Himself on our hearts. Download