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A Source of Joy that Can Not Be Overcome

July 30, 2006 '“ We are living in a time when superficial joy will dissipate. Christians who have a wrong focus on Jesus will never experience true joy. God has a prescribed order in the way we should seek Him and serve Him. Our seeking God has to be divi Download
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The Indisputable Evidence of A Great Church

September 19, 2010 - What makes a church great? Is it the worship? Baptism of the Holy Spirit? Prophecy? Faith to move mountains? These are all good things but God's call for greatness is higher. If we dont have the love of God all these things count for Download
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The Key to Unlocking the Provision of God

December 13, 2009 - God chooses an incredible strategy to release His provision. God will feed His people and then use the people He feeds to feed others. Before God can use us and pour His provision through us He must see a core value in our character. W Download