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Knowing God

Knowing God
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A Word for those Who Want to Know God

March 19, 2006 '“ We are called to be a partaker in full measure of a victory that has already been conquered for us. Those who see the end from the beginning because of their deep desire to be separated from the world to glorify God will have their eyes Download
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Finding the Hands of God

We are living in a generation where the church at large has lost sight of the true purposes and power of God. Many are seeking God for personal gain as opposed to the feeding the hungry. God is calling His church to reach out and touch His heart so that w Download
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Excellency Of Knowing God

Ravenhill preaches from a deep burden on the greatest need in our Churches to know God! We don't know God, we talk about Him, we read His book but do we know Him in his grandeur and in his power? This is a provoking and challenging message. Download