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Presence of God

Presence of God
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Becoming Familiar with the Presence of God

February 14, 2006 '“ Over time familiarity comes into the heart and produces a loss of awe for the presence of God. The presence of God was bought with the Blood of Jesus as He endured the violence of the cross through a passionate love for humanity. May Download
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Forever Dwelling in the Presence of God

God has a desire to dwell in the midst of his people and he wants us to desire to dwell in his presence as well. We can only faithfully represent him when we truly know him. If you are not actively, honestly seeking God, then you need to get down to busin Download
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The Mark Of The Beast

October 24, 2010 - How willing are we to allow God to unfold His plan in our life? Those who will be deceived into taking the mark of the beast will be unsatisfied with the things of God, and develop a false value system. As a result they will bring to Go Download
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When Obedience Makes You Dance

May 16, 2010 - "Obey God,"the words of Evan Roberts that started the Welsh Revival. What would be the outcome if we would simply choose to obey God? At some point we have to realize that the same God who created the universe lives inside of us and will en Download