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Attaining to Sonship

Though God has many children, He has few "sons" in the Hebraic understanding of that word. And He waits for a certain consecration for that crisis "crossing over" before He can say over us, "This day, I have begotten thee." Download
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Sons and Daughters of God

In Hebraic life, a son is not a son until a certain condition is obtained before he '╦ťadopts him. And it is only sons and daughters who are qualified to fulfill the Last Days purposes of God. Only they have a single-eyed devotion to the will of the Father Download
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The Obedience of Sonship

To go from faith to faith, is to grow from obedience to obedience. This sermon discusses how the Lord will grant the power of His Spirit to those who are growing in this obedience. It is through this process that the character of God will be granted to hi Download