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The Cross

The Cross
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(Becoming a Prophetic Church) 1. The Necessity of the Cross

The messages by Art Katz under the general heading 'Becoming a Prophetic Church' is a compact an almost overwhelming introduction to Mr. Katz thinking and to the word spoken as a prophetic event. A bringing in of the factor which makes Christianity real Download
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The Cross in Communion

Speaking from Mark 9, Art gives a prophetic setting for the Last Days whereby the believer is encouraged to a place of true and continuing devotion for Gods sake in order to be that final witness to Israel in their extremity. Download
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The Cross in Gethsemane

Art probes the meaning of Gethsemane for the Church, noting that the first drops of blood were voluntarily given by Jesus at Gethsemane before they were extracted from Him by man at the Cross. Download
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The Cross in Isaiah 53

rightly interpreting this key text is crucial for the Church in its witness to Israel '“ especially in the Last Days. Download
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The Cross in Psalm 51

King David leaves for us a statement of the most profound repentance ever expressed in Scripture. Download