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Are the Giants Really Necessary?

August 16, 2009 - What do you do when you find giants occupying the very land that God promised is yours? Have you ever asked yourself, "if God is with us why do I face such violent opposition?"Are these obstacles and giants necessary? Obstacles and giant Download
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Is Darkness Celebrating Above Your Head?

August 28, 2005 - Will we finish our life victoriously or will we end up powerless and ordinary? In order to finish our lives in victory we have to be doing the work of God. The enemy is after the strength of God in us. The devil knows the potential of on Download
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When the Temple Declares the Glory of God

February 17, 2008 - It's time to declare the Glory of God. What must I do to give glory to God? It is simply this, when God speaks we dont resist Him. Humans are the only thing that God created that has the ability to resist God. God is always speaking! H Download
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Your Enemies will Leave Suddenly and Ashamed

The devil will attempt to convince us that we have gone too far and we have sinned our way outside of the love of God. All these temptations are common to man and God will be FAITHFUL to bring us out. There is a sovereign move of God coming to the church Download
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Personal Victory For The New Year

The upbeat “Personal Victory For the New Year” was recorded on the morning of New Year’s Eve, 1961, in Toronto, Ontario. It was the first of at least two messages that Pastor A. W. Tozer preached on this date, the other being “The New Year As God Download