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Revival is Coming and What It Will Look Like

October 10, 2010 - How is it possible for revival to come in such a Christ rejected nation? We as Christians have to make a choice to live in this world as a testimony of the keeping power of God. The cry of the church should be, 'œLord, stretch forth you hand and heal through me. Use my life to bring healing and freedom to those who are lost.' What will revival look like? All people with a no name ministry will suddenly show up with the glory of God on them. Grandmothers who laid hold of the Cross will begin to speak to a younger generation. Young people like David in the Bible who will not cower under the pressure of this society will rise up with a cry that says, "is there not a cause?"There is coming a season when God will turn the peoples hearts back to Him and He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh.

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