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God's Work

God's Work
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God's Work To Be Done God's Way

It is good to want to work for God. David found out how important it is to do God's work in God's way. From 2 Samuel 6. Although God may honor the world's efforts, his people must only do things the way he has required -- David learned this when he tried Download
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The Best, Not the Good

Havner gives 3 staments: the bad and the good and the best and everything depends on these choices. He shows that many Christians are sadly choosing the 'bad' without any conviction from God, in the grossest of sins becoming one with the world. "you canno Download
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Personal Victory For The New Year

The upbeat “Personal Victory For the New Year” was recorded on the morning of New Year’s Eve, 1961, in Toronto, Ontario. It was the first of at least two messages that Pastor A. W. Tozer preached on this date, the other being “The New Year As God Download