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K-510 Priestly Ministry

Speaking from Leviticus, Art compares the rigorous training of the Aaronic priests to the shallow, religious functionaries of our day. A 1976 message. Download
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The Formation of an Apostle

God's way is timeless in the preparation of those who are called to His own purposes. An episode out of the life of Moses that would give him the ability to lead Israel through the wilderness, namely, the ability to communicate God as God. Download
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The Making of an Apostle

The church is called to the "glory of God forever." An apostle lives and moves and has his being in this realm. An insight into the apostle Paul's life as is recorded in the first chapter of Galatians. Download
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The Origin of True Preaching

How do we know whether the preached word has its origin in God? A brief commentary from Jeremiah 23 reveals where in fact this word must come from. Art exhorts us to know what that place is and how we enter it'”or our speaking will necessarily be false. Download
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Dangerous Shepards

This message is best described as how to identify dangerous, self-seeking shepherds, as the Bible describes in the scriptures. Where is the recognition of the seriousness and soberness of the high calling of being a shepherd to the sheep of God? Too many Download