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Children's Ministry Questions and Answers

An insightful session of looking at some of the common issues that are faced when working with inner-city children. Download
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Preparing for Service

Those who suffer little, appreciate little. God had to work Moses over before he was ready for service. Like Jesus, he learned obedience through suffering. Download
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The Priest and His Ephod: True Spiritual Ministry

In this sermon Brother Mel explores the symbolic meaning of the Old Testament priestly garments and shows how we are to carry on our shoulder the responsibility of God's people and hold them on our hearts like the twelve gems of the priests' breastplate. Download
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The Torch Must Be Passed!

Leaders must pass on the torch! Good leaders are not those who do all of the work, but those who equip others to do the work. They are not threatened by the talents of others, but encourage others to get involved in the work of the Kingdom. Download
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The Best Weapon to Fight Your Worst Enemy

Pouring your life out in ministry to others is the surest way to conquer the flesh. The Lord commands it; the need demands it; and our spiritual life depends on it. Download