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Thirty Questions You Should Ask Your Heart

This message gives thirty questions which probe into the motives and attitudes of the heart. It is a good exercise in self-examination for both the believer and those who are not saved. Is your heart right with God? Download
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A Visitation From God

Do we know the time of our visitation? Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they didn't realize the time of their visitation. What would He say to us today? Do we take God's Word for granted? Let us seek for a visitation from God. Download
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(Becoming a Prophetic Church) 4. Resurrection of Dry Bones

The messages by Art Katz under the general heading 'Becoming a Prophetic Church' is a compact an almost overwhelming introduction to Mr. Katz thinking and to the word spoken as a prophetic event. The testimony recovered and introduced to the Church as w Download
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A River of Life

Art insists that the waters of life flowing from the Throne are available here and now for those who are yielded to that Throne and to that Lordship. As believers, why are so few of us accessing that life? Could it be we are not yielded to the totality of Download
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God's pattern of Restoration

From Psalm 126, Art gives a pattern of restoration both for Israel and for the Church, in the timing of God, both in suddenness and unexpectedness. Download
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K-511 Sifted and Restored

From the text of Amos chapter 9, Art gives a scenario of a future, last days sifting of the Jewish people in the purposes of God. A 1994 message. Download
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Breaking Up Fallow Ground

According to A.W. Tozer, new churches are usually more spiritual than established churches. Older congregations may have become complacent in their success and community status, and have cooled down on their First Love. That "First Love," of course, is Je Download
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Revival is Coming and What It Will Look Like

October 10, 2010 - How is it possible for revival to come in such a Christ rejected nation? We as Christians have to make a choice to live in this world as a testimony of the keeping power of God. The cry of the church should be, 'œLord, stretch forth you Download
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Run For Your Life

Delivered the Sunday after the Twin Towers were attacked (9/11), this is by far one of the most powerful messages on this site. Every professing Believer should hear this heart cry from the Father. It is a powerful rebuke to superficial and worldly doctri Download