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Communion And Worship

A complete recording of a beautiful communion service. Denny paints a mental picture of the Lamb that was slain. A powerful message of self-examination. Very stirring. Download
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Behold the Lamb

Behold the Lamb, Jesus Christ, from the disciples' perspective, through the eyes of the Jewish nation, from His perspective while on the cross, from Heaven's perspective, and through your own eyes. Behold the Lamb Download
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Testimony Time In Hell

October 12, 2008 - Heaven is a place with the total presence of God and the absence of evil. Hell is a place with the total presence of evil and the absence of God. It is an awful and dreadful thing to be in a place where God is not! In the midst of Hell' Download
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Examine Yourselves

Taken primarily from 1 John chapter 3. Brother Keith Daniel delivers a message every Christian needs to hear. This message is such a blessing...there is so much scripture, so much of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit can take up His rightful place as we fa Download
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A Sermon That Has Angered Many - Examine Yourself

This sermon is a bible test of whether you are in the faith or not. He goes line by line in the text of 1 john that explains how you can tell if you are in the faith. I would suggest that every believer listen to this sermon. It is very encouraging to the Download
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To know the Holy Spirit

A certain American preacher called a Dutch Reformed and Baptist minister to the front and asked them, "when you baptise people who uses the most water?" Obviously the Baptists do. But the problem is that when both parties baptise people, the tongue is not Download