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Principles of Biblical Finances

God's Word has a lot to say about money and related issues. If we are not faithful in financial things, we cannot be trusted in spiritual matters either. God's definition of success is different from that of the world. Download
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The Bondage of Debt

Americans are involving themselves in an ever increasing amount of debt, which is bringing them into bondage. While debt in itself may not be sin, the inordinate desire for things is. We must learn to be content, and to live within our means. Download
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Mortgages and Loans

For many people it is nearly impossible to buy a home or start a business without a mortgage or loan. This practical teaching gives many helpful tips and warns against unwise practices, such as buying a property with little or no down payment. Download
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Financial Wisdom

This is a teaching about various financial principles, including diligence, saving, and giving. It finishes up with a discussion of the pitfalls of making payments on automobiles. Download
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The Snare of Riches

Riches have been a snare to many. This message outlines some of the dangers of wealth, and gives a biblical perspective of what we should do when riches increase. Download
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The Secret of Spiritual Power

August 9, 2009 - The concept of being a servant that is not highly esteemed today as we live in an age where our theology in the church at large seems to have focused on personal gain, social gain, power, influence, authority and individual greatness. The Download
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A Truly Wealthy Man

This message looks in the book of proverbs and gives a clear picture of what really a truly wealthy man is. This is more of a teaching rather than preaching session, I really appreciated alot of the bible study hints brother daniel gives. Download