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Spiritual War

Spiritual War
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The Holy War

You can't use the sword if you don't know the sword There's enough power in the blood of Jesus to win the war Download
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Overcoming Satan and the World

God's Word must be our word God's Word must be our life Download
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One Mighty Weapon

Text: II Corinthians 10 Download
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The Authority of the Believer

There is no reason that the children of God should be afraid of the works of darkness. God's authority is given to all believers. It is not the property of the few but the possession of all the saints. Download
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The Secret Of Fasting And Prayer

Are you looking for answers to your problems? Fasting with prayer is a necessity if we desire to hear God's direction. It opens the door to a deeper communion with our God. Download
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The Shocking Reality of Spiritual War

We are engaged in a spiritual war between God and the devil. If we live in ignorance or casual indifference, the enemy will take us captive. We need to learn the rules, wake up, grow up, stand up and fight. Download
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The Path Into Bondage

Who are our enemies? The world, with its magnet-like force; the flesh, with its sinful desires; and the devil, with his evil suggestions. Brother Denny examines the techniques used by these enemies to lure us from God and capture us in sin. Download
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Deliverance From Specific Bondages (Part 1)

This is the first tape of two messages discussing deliverance from specific sins. We can be freed from our chains. Brother Denny explains God's method of rescue before he goes on to discuss the bondages of bitterness and witchcraft. Download
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Deliverance From Specific Bondages (Part 2)

A continuation of tape number three, this message deals with the bondages of rebellion, music, moral sins and eating disorders. Download