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Victory Amid Temptations

This message is an exhortation to respond with joy to the diverse temptations that we face, and allow God to work perfect patience in us, conforming us into the image of His Son. It is also a call to honestly face the source and consequences of sin. Download
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A Stick and a One Line Sermon

April 22, 2007 - This message is for those who see their calling and tried but it seemed to be of no avail. Failure and misunderstanding of God's ways has lead you into the wilderness. For those of you who feel like a dry stick and have no strength, God i Download
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Agreeing To Tempt The Spirit Of The Lord

September 2, 2007 - What is the lesson we can learn from Ananias and Saphira? How could they think they could get the Holy Spirit to be a partaker of their lie? The enemy will bring a deception into our heart that says we can live in sin and hypocrisy bec Download
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Have You Ever Felt That God is Doing Nothing in Your Life?

November 29, 2009 - The Kingdom of God does not come with outward observation. The Kingdom of God is a deep inward work where our heart moves forward in quietness and confidence. You cannot see it, you cannot hear it. It is an unseen work of the Holy Spir Download
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Overcoming the Power of Spiritual Defeat

February 5, 2006 '“ Spiritual defeat is contrary thinking to the word of God. It is the seed of satan that works its way into the mind before it becomes a physical reality, but for the heart that can embrace this: God says'œI have turned to you in mercy, Download
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Trust In Christ Is Everything

A message of separation focusing on our trust in God and in laying down that which is dearest to our heart, our sense of purpose and value is not here in this world, it's in Christ alone. This is a great exhortation on the overcoming power of our in-dwell Download
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When Deliverance Looks Like Old Rotten Rags

August 24, 2008 - Have you ever been in a situation that was so perplexing where you knew that God was able to deliver you but nothing happened? When we lose sight of the promises of God we can't see our way out of spiritual depression. There is a deep co Download
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When the Godly Fall

Keith Daniel in this sermon gives a clear strong message of the grace of God to the backslidding Christian. With such passion he asks people to walk again with God not to walk with the ungodly who are apart from God and hate God but let us walk with the g Download