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Youth Bible School 2006

Youth Bible School 2006
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Testimonies (Part 2)

Continued from #CD3758. Download
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Victory Amid Temptations

This message is an exhortation to respond with joy to the diverse temptations that we face, and allow God to work perfect patience in us, conforming us into the image of His Son. It is also a call to honestly face the source and consequences of sin. Download
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Love in Action

This message exposes partiality for what it is, and clearly portrays the dynamic relationship between faith and works. Works flow from a heart of faith and love! Is your faith working? Download
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A Bridled Tongue

This is a convicting message on the tongue that will make you examine your speech. Whether you are at home or abroad, your tongue is a Download
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Living for Self or Living for Christ

This message is a timely challenge to Christians living in this self-promoting world. For whose pleasure are you living? Who will pierce through your Sunday smile and reveal who you really are? Download
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A Few Practical Tests of Faith

This message gives a glimpse at a few practical truths from James: including faith, riches, the brevity of life, waiting for Christ's return, living openly and honestly, and the prayer of faith. Download
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The Destructive Influence of Visual Entertainment

Visual entertainment not only can be defiling, but it is also destructive to our mind and soul. It becomes like a drug, in that it can be both addictive and a sedative. We must beware of its danger. Download
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The Transforming Power of the Living Word

When our minds have been affected by entertainment and Satan's devices, what can we do? Be transformed by the renewing power of God. Our weapons against the enemy are prayer, worship, the Word of God, and the blood of Jesus. Download
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Jesus Christ Is Lord

This message takes a deep look at how Jesus must be the Lord of all in the believer's life before his faith can become practical. Download
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Separation From the World (Part 1)

This message gives practical teaching on how to let God perfect holiness in our lives, and how to have Holy Ghost discernment in the specific issues with which our hearts and lives are challenged. Download
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Working Out Your Own Salvation

This message was directed to the youth at the end of Bible School, giving both spiritual and practical applications on how to keep walking in victory. Download
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Generation of Vipers

After many years of silence, the Spirit of God came upon John the Baptist, crying Download
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Sin, When It Is Finished...

Sin will always take you farther than what you want to go. This message will tell you where sin starts, what path it takes, and where that path leads. Download
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Be Ye Reconciled to God

The problem of sin has brought enmity between God and man. Man is at enmity with God because he does not want to surrender his will. God is also at enmity because He is holy. In this message Brother Jerry clearly explains how we can be reconciled to God. Download