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The Church

The Church
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Marks of the End-Time Church

In the midst of the great falling away of the last days there will be a faithful remnant church. The characteristics of this church are explored. Download
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The Blessing Of Church Life

True church life is a life of blessing. Only by lifting up Christ as our focus of fellowship can we obtain this blessedness. Those who have chosen to isolate themselves from the body will be challenged to seek this blessing. Download
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Assembly Life

Can we make it apart from the assembly of the saints? There may be unique cases in which God sustains us alone, He nevertheless has commanded us to assemble together. The unique blessings of assembling together physically are explored. Download
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Purity In Church Fellowship

When is it right to leave a church fellowship? Can we really expect purity in church fellowship? This message examines several issues relating to when a church has gone too far and it is thus time to leave that fellowship. Download
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The Church, A Habitation Of God

The church is a place where God desires to dwell. God feels at home among holy people, who worship Him with praise and thanksgiving. He loves to dwell with those who concern themselves with His interests. Are we preparing a habitation for God? Download
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A Declaration of the Faith

Our faith is expressed in the church and in the home. This message gives an outline of the biblical pattern of church life, expressed in godly homes, a loving brotherhood, godly leaders, and outward ordinances, which are pictures of inward realities. Download
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The Leader and His Church

Practical teaching and applications about the church of Jesus Christ and each man's role as part of it. Topics covered include loving one another, relationships, church structure and authority. Download
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My Place in God's Eternal Purpose

God created each of us with an eternal purpose in mind, and it involves much more than any earthly occupation that we may have. If your life is boring or meaningless, you are not fulfilling God's purpose for you. Download
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How to Build a Church

The foundation of the church is Jesus Christ. If we build our lives on Jesus, He will build His church. This message explains what it means to build our lives on Jesus Christ. Download
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The Church Beautiful

The church is depicted in Ephesians 5 as the beautiful bride of Christ. She is beautiful because she is holy and pure. This sermon discusses practical ways in which the church should portray the character of Christ to the world. Download