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Have You Crucified Your World?

What is the world that we are supposed to crucify? We can be separate from the world yet create our own world system. The challenge is given to us: Download
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Worldiness in the Church

We are often concerned with the influence of the world in our day-to-day life. This message deals directly with examples of how worldliness creeps into the church today. Download
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Daniel the Prophet in Babylon

An insight from an episode in the life of Daniel as a prefiguring of the church's endtime task as a prophetic presence at the end of this age. Download
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Escaping the Theology of Babylon

December 4,2005 - There is no deeper and darker blindness than religious blindness. The theology of Babylon has no effect on its society but to dull and deaden the people. This theology of self seeking and animates false prophets who are covetous and has Download
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Finished with the World

There is something very potent and powerful about this message. Its one of Keith Daniels first visits to America and this message calls for a great consecration and call back to apostolic Chrisitanity in our daily practice. Are you finished with the world Download
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Abraham and Lot

The Scripture focus of this message is Luke 17:32, with references to Genesis 6:5, and others referring to Abraham and Lot (Gen: 13:12, 18:17 and multiple references out of chapter 19). There is a warning in this message related to the modern church, in t Download