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Seven Youthful Lusts

Keeping your mind with all diligence. The lusts of self gratification. Download
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The Virtue Of Standing Alone

Very few in this day know what they believe and will stand firm on their convictions. This is a message to the youth to build a strong, solid, unshakable commitment to truth that cannot be swayed by the pressures of this world. Download
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The Spirit Of A Harlot

A major theme in the book of Proverbs is that of a harlot. This message discusses the traits or the spirit of a harlot. This is an excellent message for young ladies to hear to prevent these characteristics from beginning to develop in their lives. Download
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Godly Youth In Our Home

As parents we need to open our hearts to our youth if we truly want a flowing relationship. As we win their hearts and learn what they are thinking, it will enable us to guide them through life. An excellent tape for anyone desiring to have godly youth. Download
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Purity in Young Ladies

This is a practical teaching on purity directed to young ladies and their mothers. It especially deals with the need for purity in relationships with young men and their attitudes towards them. Download