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Mission Work

Mission Work
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K-505 Israel as the Missing Key

Speaking from Romans 11, Art shows that our continuing ignorance of the mystery of Israel may well be the revelation of the truth of our lack of union with God. A 1995 message. Download
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Making Part stand for Whole

When we regard the church as the thing in itself apart from Israel, that is, by disregarding the centrality of Israel in God's purposes, we are "making the part stand for the whole." God is just as much jealous for the whole faith as He is for the whole t Download
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Sent from God

From Isaiah 6, Art shows that the prophetic word of judgment upon Israel still holds, and can only be alleviated by another prophetic word out of the mouths of those who have passed through Isaiahs own seeing. Download
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The Context of the Coming Kingdom

We either have an urgent expectancy of a coming, literal Kingdom on earth (and live as if we do) or we are in one way or another establishing our own little kingdoms'”even 'œin the name of God.' Download
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The Davidic Character of the Kingdom

Israel is intended for the recovery of all nations in the Divine order of God. Art probes what the character of that Kingdom is likely to be, which is also the character to which the church is called. Download
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The failure of the Church in Japan

Self-serving idols keep mankind from the true knowledge of God. A probing insight into idolatry - both in the church and in the world, especially as revealed in Japan's recent history. Download
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The Mysteries of the Faith

A brief examination of some of the mysteries of the faith (from the book of Ephesians), so long lost to the church, but now in the process of being restored by God. Download
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The Mystery of Israel (A 1999 convocation tape)

Art probes the perplexity of the mystery of Israel given in Romans 11 and Psalm 102. It is a mystery that profoundly affects the contemporary Gentile church and the only mystery that carries a penalty for our willful ignorance of it. Download