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Mission Work

Mission Work
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Paul Was a Missionary

Paul was a missionary! This one burning passion consumed his life. All he did, including writing the epistles, was from the perspective of missions. His one desire was that Jesus would be glorified by the gospel being preached to the gentiles. Download
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Arrows in the Hand of a Mighty Man

Learn how extremely important it is to have a vision in training your children. God has given us a very important job in giving us children to train for His service. Very practical, motivational and convicting. Download
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The Cry of Israel

What is the heart cry of Israel? They are waiting for their Messiah and peacegiver. The time will come when they will be provoked to jealousy and be saved. Brother Emanuel shares some thoughts on how God may use the Arab nations to bring this to pass. Download
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Don't Miss the Forest for the Tree

The great commission is not territorial or national, but rather it is global, instituted by a global God. When we cease to focus outwardly our energies turn inward to a self-destruction. We must bloom where we are planted and get ready to be transplanted. Download