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When Tears Come to a Religious Man's House

January 14, 2007 - When Jesus comes to a religious man's home the religious man will not touch the feet of Jesus because the dirt of this world is on them. He doesn't want this dirt on his hands because it offends his religion. The fruit of this religion Download
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The Compromising Church

Keith Daniel shares with earnestness the single greatest tragedy the world faces today which is "compromising Christianity." The sermon speaks of sins that Christians commit with their ears, mouth, mind and heart. He calls the congregation to break up the Download
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Dangers of Third Generation Religion

All who know and love our Lord Jesus Christ want to avoid the danger of compromise with the world. This message will help one to avoid being caught up in this compromise. Download
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As For Me

This message is preached from the 24th chapter of Joshua. Havener shows how in a day of comprimise, double-talk and undecideness on serving God. We must choose 'as for me' we will seek the Lord. He also retells a very interesting encouter story he had wit Download