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Help For Your Besetting Sin

Do you continually battle with the same sin over and over again? Denny outlines the strategy of the enemy to build a stronghold in our lives. Then the clear path to victory over any besetting sin is given! Beautifully shows the defeat of Satan at Calvary. Download
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When God Comes... Sin Is Exposed

This message is a serious call to God's people to deal with sin in their lives. It gives strong warnings on the dire consequences of immorality, which affect lives personally, as well as the church and the entire nation. Download
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Soul Idolatry

A probing look at personal idolatry based on 1 John 2:16. This message makes striking comparisons between the three main gods of the Canaanites and the idols of desire that we face today. Download
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Sin, When It Is Finished...

Sin will always take you farther than what you want to go. This message will tell you where sin starts, what path it takes, and where that path leads. Download