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Jewish Opposition to the Gospel

We dont know the depth of historical Jewish resistance to the Gospel. Art touches some of the deep-seated reasons for this, and therefore the challenge that is presented before the church. Download
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The Last Letter Of Paul

In examiniing both books of Timothy, Paul exhorts a young and somewhat apprehensive Timothy to stand fast in the faith, and shares with Timothy what God has taught him in the ministry. Paul is aware his death is nearing, that he will be martryred for Jesu Download
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(True Disciple Conference) The Greatness of the Gospel

The Apostle is here declaring the gospel to believers, not the lost those who have already heard and received it. This shows that the gospel is not something learned in five minutes, after which we go on to '╦ťdeeper things. The gospel of Jesus Christ is t Download
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An Unchanging Scandalous Gospel

Recorded at the HBC Missions Conference 2008. After introductory exhortations to up-coming preachers and evangelists, Paul Washer sets out to highlight some of the errors destroying modern-day evangelism. He also explains what should be preached, and how, Download
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The Depth of the Gospel - Part 2

From between the towering monoliths of Gods justice, and His mercy, a beleaguered and hungry pilgrim pleads from amongst the airy climbs of the gospels narrow pathway to the ambivalent travelers content upon lower, wider ways. He cries that others would c Download
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Unashamed of the Gospel Amidst Our Culture

Paul Washer uses examples from within his own denomination to reveal what is true of so many places that call themselves churches, with regard to (1) the ways in which Biblical and historical Christianity has been reduced to an impotent and empty creed, a Download