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(True Disciple Conference) The Greatness of the Gospel

The Apostle is here declaring the gospel to believers, not the lost those who have already heard and received it. This shows that the gospel is not something learned in five minutes, after which we go on to '˜deeper things. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the deepest and greatest truth in all scripture '“ and we still wont understand its greatness after an eternity of eternities. People are not excited about the gospel these days, because they dont know it, and they dont understand the fullness of it. Mr Washer pulls no punches: 'œIf Jesus Christ and his gospel do not excite you, you are going to hell', he pleads, before going on to explain what he means. He argues the great need for preachers of the true gospel, and explains what it means to receive the gospel, and how we may know that we have received it. What is your motivation for coming to Jesus Christ? Security? Healing? A new Mercedes? Or do you come for salvation? But what about coming to Christ simply because he is worthy? That alone ought to be motivation enough to repent and believe. This potent and searching message ends with a sober warning of the perils of ignoring this gospel. (50 minutes)

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