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Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit
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The Glorious Uncovered King of Israel

May 14, 2006 '“ Jesus Christ filled with compassion moved to bring the worship od God into the central core of humanity. There has to be an inner cry of every christian that desires to honor the Lord with their life. Jesus Christ will come and unveil Hims Download
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The Unrelenting Humility of God

This message begins Scriptures on the holiness, power and might of God, and His requirement of worship of which He is worthy. From there, Pastor Conlon takes us on an incredible journey through the Old Testament and back to the New, illustrating through t Download
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The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit

Nothing can substitute the Spirit nothing is more pitiable then when a man has lost the anointing. Drawing from David's experience, Ravenhill calls for blood and tears repentance and full surrender to be clothed with the Spirit's power. Download
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The Indwelt Saint

Ravenhill discusses the freedom from sin a Christian should walk in and what it truly means to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He also shares some personal testimony from his own life near the end of the sermon. Download
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What Difference Does the Holy Spirit Make?

The difference in the disciples before Pentecost and after Pentecost. Download