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Mercy Of God

Mercy Of God
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Surviving the Family Reunion

April 5, 2009 - How can people go to church for years and experience the presence of God only to remain in a state where their sin isn't covered? These are Christians who focus on material provision for the satisfying of their own desires. They are master Download
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The Tabernacle Of David

April 13, 2008 - God will raise up again the tabernacle David. This consists of men and women who seek God in the manner that He deserves. These are people who willingly offer themselves entirely to the Lord and expect nothing back but His presence. God d Download
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God´s tender mercies

Jerusalem was in ruins and God's people were utterly vanquished by the enemy. Many were in captivity in Babylon. They realised that they had sinned grievously, and were totally despondent. And then God's Word turned from judgement to mercy. Consider this Download
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God´s tender mercies part 2 - Preparing the Way

Last Sunday we looked at the first two verses of Isaiah 40. The message of God's comfort and tender mercy is promised to His people. The continuation and explanation of this grace flows naturally into the next verses. This grace and comfort is through tru Download