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God´s tender mercies part 2 - Preparing the Way

Last Sunday we looked at the first two verses of Isaiah 40. The message of God's comfort and tender mercy is promised to His people. The continuation and explanation of this grace flows naturally into the next verses. This grace and comfort is through true repentance, as this text shows. When it speaks of the "voice of Him" crying in the wilderness it is a direct reference to John the Baptist but is not limited to him, for it is God's own voice that declares this message which brings repentance, faith, and glory (as shown in verse 5). King Herod, in a moment of intoxication and lust promised his lover's daughter (who had eroticially danced at the wine-flowing party) "up to half his kingdom". Her mother, with a deep-seated hatred against John the Baptist seized the opportunity to demand his head on a platter. She hated John for openly declaring that it "was not right for Herod to take his brother's wife". Nevertheless, the decaptitation of John, did not silence "the voice of Him". Even after the death of John this voice continued to cry out as it does even now.

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