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Youth Bible School 2005

Youth Bible School 2005
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Youth Bible School 2005 Testimonies (Part 1)

This recording contains the personal testimonies of a number of youth in whose hearts God worked during Youth Bible School 2005. Some of them share testimonies of conversion, while others tell of spiritual battles fought and won during the week. Download
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The World and I and the Cross of Jesus Christ

Come take a journey to the foot of the cross and catch a glimpse of eternity. The vision of the cross of Christ will change your life forever. It will cost you everything. The world and the cross are mortal enemies. Which is ruling in your heart? Download
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Friends and Foes in David's Life

David trusted God with his dreams and visions and faithfully served unnoticed. God then moved him on and put him in the right place at the right time, without any initiative of his own. He killed a giant by his vibrant faith in God, and so can you! Download
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When the South Winds Blow Softly

An expository and allegorical look at Acts 27. Have you set sail through the journey of life, encouraged by the soft south wind? Have you followed your own reasoning and are now suffering loss? Be of good cheer, there is mercy!! Download