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Be a Man (At Home and At Church)

All men, even Christians, are so influenced by the culture we live in, that we say and do many things that are not Biblical, without even realising it. Paul Washer begins his exhortations by dealing with the speculations (AV = '˜imaginations) which must be cast down if we are to fulfil our calling to be a biblical people. He focuses on the roles of men in particular, both in their families and their local churches, which he shows to be the two hardest places to live out a Biblical manhood. Most problems in those two areas, he says, can be traced back to men not standing on truth and not acting Biblically. Working through specific examples, he shows how the speculations of men actually fight against God, and also shows how such things should be put right. He then focuses in some detail on marriage, using Romans 8:28. Once a man discovers the true purpose of marriage, and learns what it means to love his wife as Christ loves the church, he will find both joy and rest in putting an end to his former speculations about the nature of marriage. (52 minutes)

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